Painting for the love

It’s been several weeks since I sat down to paint, and well over a month since I last posted here. Creativity seemed to be taking the summer off and leaving me quite uninspired. The painting I have done was either because it was necessary for a class or just because I knew I needed to paint.

But, a couple days ago, I decided to paint for something bigger and more important and inspiring than a class or out of the necessity to just keep painting. I decided to paint for the love. For the love of my daughter. For the love of painting. For the love of giving without expectations of any form of gain. And, like magic, inspiration began to flow and the joy of creating returned from all the elsewheres it had been these past months.

Wednesday, the 19th, was my daughter’s birthday. She’s my only child and I love her more than I could ever put into printed, typed, or spoken words. I painted this galaxy watercolor painting for her birthday. I hope she feels the love.


Find the love friends,